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 Dani's Character

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PostSubject: Dani's Character   Dani's Character I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 23, 2009 11:46 pm

Name: Dani
Species: Human
Age: 17
Gender: Female
B-Day: July 4
Power: Aura
Appearance: Dani has a slim body that curves inward slightly. She has a medium torso and short legs. She has small hands as well. She weighs about 120 pounds. Her height is 5'3". Her skin is very light with a touch of color. She has brown, curly hair that reaches halfway down her arms. Her hair becomes frizzy by wind, humidity, or simply brushing it without water. It's a pain sometimes, but she loves her hair just the way it is and would never dream of straightening it. Her eyes are a deep blue with mixes of green.
Clothing/Accessories: Dani always wears a white baseball cap on her head. In the winter, she wears sweatshirts of various colors with her blue jeans. She owns several hoodies. In the summer, she wears different tee-shirts with her blue jean pants. She tends to wear red a lot. She always wears tennis shoes. They are great shoes and can be used anytime, anywhere. She always has a cheerful composure. She can usually be found with a smile on her face. She doesn't wear earrings; she doesn't even have her ears pierced. Unlike a lot of girls, she is very happy with her appearance.
Picture: Dani's Character Frlgemtr051
Personality: Dani is a very easygoing person who takes everything as it comes. It takes a lot to get her upset. But when she is, she tends to hide very well. She can stay calm under pressure and will solve any problem tossed her way. She is always there for her friends when they need her. She is good at mediating and solving fights. She understands people easily. Because of this she gives good advice. She likes getting to know the good side of people. She doesn't like fights. She will avoid them at any cost. She isn't easily motivated and is prone to laziness. Even if she has a strong drive, it is hard for her to act upon it. She's also too trusting and assumes too much good in people.
Likes: reading, writing, drawing
Dislikes: criticism, loneliness, girly stuff
Goals: train an Umbreon, ride her own Charizard, become a great Pokemon trainer
Voice: alto
Hometown: Viridian City
History: Dani's family has run a Pokemon Gym for a long time. She has a sister named Isabel, who is four years older than her. Her brother Mark is five years younger than her. Their mother died giving birth to him. Isabel stayed home for a few years to help her father take care of her siblings and run the gym.
Isabel left to become a coordinator when she was 13-years-old. Their father left two years later to try and find someone else to run the gym. Dani was left alone to take care of things. Her father finally returned four years later. He brought with him his brother, who had become a Pokemon trainer. He agreed to take over the gym for the family.
Dani and Mark both left to become Pokemon trainers that year. Mark stayed in the region he was in. Dani decided to go beyond that and enter Aura Hallows. She decided not bring any of the Pokemon she had used at the gym. She still needs a Pokemon, but she has a lot of experience. She's ready for anything that will come her way.
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Welcome And :ΦΦ: Starter

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Dani's Character
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