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A Pokémon RPG. All Literacy Levels Allowed!
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The AurA Forest And Harmony Heights just appeared! Take a stroll through them before they vanishes!


 OverLook On This World And That.

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PostSubject: OverLook On This World And That.   OverLook On This World And That. I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 22, 2009 2:28 am

Day 1-
Here: Many trainers have came to AurA Hallows, hopefully the Protectors are not mad.
There: Time has moved to 10 years later. The Interferers have aproached the Hallow Sphere. I've slowed Time and expanded space to protect our home.
My Hut: The Riff my little hut sits on has drifted to a point where it will be stable in the AurA Forest at the base of Harmony Heights. The three Guardians should be returning any second now to bring me news. Here they are now! Togekiss, the Guardisn of the Sky and Chaos. Lucario, the Guardian of AurA and the Land. And Quagsire, the Guardian of the Sea and Shadows. Anyone to face them in battle I bid a farewell, for if they get beat and are fit unsuitable to wield the freedom they have, are sent and locked into the temple of the Guardian who bested them. I bid them a farewell now for they are to patroll. Quagsire to the route nearest the sea, Togekiss, the mountain above this very hut, and then Lucario, to this forest with me.
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OverLook On This World And That.
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