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 BS Rules

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PostSubject: BS Rules   BS Rules I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 18, 2009 12:02 am

This game is called BS (I know what it means, I don't want to cuss.)

1. Start a Topic Name it Something like "BS game 01", just put BS in the title you can name it something like "Joe's Game of BS"
2.Pm an Admin or find someway of contacting them and tell them to "deal" the "cards." They will PM you your hand and everyone else's.
3. Ok, now to start the Game someone is chosen to Go first. They will start out by placing some cards down, all of the corresponding number or, they can bluff and put down different cards. The Next person will then go and has the same options, but they have to go with the next number and so on for the next players. Now, the cards are supposed to be put in Numerical order starting from 2, so it will go 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K, A, 2...
4. If you think someone is bluffing then you can say, "I don't believe you." or "BS" or something along those lines (Will permit foreign languages, I don't know about Ry).
5. If you are wrong then you have to take the deck that is down on the "table." If you are right about them bluffing then they have to take the pile.
6. The admin or mod will always know what the cards are on the "table," because you will hide it to let them know the actual card you placed.
7. You will tell the others what the you are supposed to have fut down and the number of cards you put down unhidden. The admin or mod will be the only one that know what everyone put down, so that it is fair. No one will know what each other put down.

Turn 1:
Person 1: Puts down 4 2s
Says, "Four twos"
Person 2: Puts 3 5s
Says, "Three threes"
Person 3 Comes in: "I don't believe you!"
Now, Person two bluffed so he has to take the deck.
Person 3: Puts 2 4s
Says, "Two Fours"
Now person 4 pops in: "You're bluffing!"
Now, person four being wrong about person three bluffing has to take the pile.
Person 4: Puts down 3 7s
Says, "Three fives"
He is bluffing, although if no one calls it before the next person goes then he gets away with it.
Person 1: Put down 3 8s
Says, "Three sixes"
In comes person 4: "BS!"
Person 1 has to take the pile for bluffing.
And so on, you get the idea?

Oh, and the cards you actually lay down have to be in hidden, repeating again. You have to put down the exact same number of cards for the non-hidden part as you did the hidden part, doing so is CHEATING. If you cheat, your hand will be revealed to the others in the game and you will be kicked out. The admins and mods will know. Ex. Not cheating: You said you laid down 3 6s, hidden it says you layed down 3 5s; Cheating: You said you layed down 3 7s, hidden it says 4 7s. And remember the mods and admins know you hands, you do have to put down all of the number that you use.

~Pokemon Party
-Water Cruel (Tentacruel) Lvl. 5
~Pokemon Box
~Item Bag
- BS Rules Pokeballez5 Pokeball x10
- BS Rules Potionkv3 Potion x3
- BS Rules Mini_g11 StarDéx Red
~Item Box
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BS Rules
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