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 Nephite's Character

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PostSubject: Nephite's Character   Nephite's Character I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 06, 2009 2:16 am

Name: Nephite
Species: Pokemorph with a Snorlax
Age: 15
Gender: Male
B-Day Feb. 21
Power: Chaos
Appearance: He is about six foot. He has dirty blonde hair. His hair is short and well cut, but it is kind of messy. He has tanned skin. His eyes are blue. He is thin. He has strong legs. He doesn't look really buff, but some are suprised at what he can do. People underestimate him just for his size. If put next to his younger brother people often mistake him for being younger when he is the oldest. People assume his age accoriding to his height. His face says he is ready for the next challenge. He has the appearance of being sent through lots of different challenges. He has scratches here and there. He has a year round runny nose for some reason.
Clothing/Accessories: He has a camo hat. He wears hiking boots. He has a laptop case where ever he goes, along with his backpack. He is wearing a pair of jeans that look kind of worn. He has a shirt that hand-me-down and looks a bit worn. He has blue glasses. He carries a belt with slots for pokeballs.
Personality: He is really nice. When he gets hungry he can get irritated really easily. He can try to eat a lot, but won't get fat, you would be surprised how much he can eat at his size. He has to have his daily fix of Mountain Dew every day. He can be sarcastic at times. He will get something and use it for a few days and then get bored of it. He is often on his laptop doing things that everyone asks about. He is known to find a lesson in everything when possible, mostly when he is thinking about it. He talks to himself when there is no one to talk to.
Likes: Likes to play around on his computer finding ways to improve it. Like to play games. Likes to get up and take a bike ride.
Dislikes: Dislikes beans. Dislikes being bothered when mad. Dislikes having people coming to ask him to do something that includes his computer.
Goals: To get through his adventures. To be able to complete the pokedex. To find a way to get free internet all over the world.
Voice: A sound like a second tenor to baritone.
Hometown: His hometown is Mountain Crest City.
History: He has grown up in a nice home. He has grown up with three brothers and one annoying sister. He has grown up learning to respect others and be kind to other and his siblings. He has learned to be patient with other through experience. He is able to stand certain noises that people consider annoying, because he is used to it and he is the oldest of five children. He has had to take care of the younger siblings before and has learned the strings to everyday life. He has had nasty medicine along with the good tasting kind. His mom has allergies to things that people normally eat and so he has had things that people wouldn't normally eat. He has grown up with his mom having sensitive skin and it is in his genes, too. He doesn't exactly like what his sibling do, but he still loves them for who they are. He has been on vacation with them stuck in a little room, going nuts. He has seen things no other has seen. He has been visited by pokemon and has been known to speak to them according to what others have said. If you ask him if he has talked to pokemon he will deny it. He has found lots of different treasures that he carries in his backpack.
PLR: "Oh! Thanks. I appreciates it." Looks around. "I am glad to be here I will get around immediately. Oh! Where is the lab?"

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PostSubject: Re: Nephite's Character   Nephite's Character I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 06, 2009 2:25 am

Ok starter of a Φ is still for you but now this is a pass
you can start a pc and please make an area for a stardex ok?
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Nephite's Character
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